Boeing cabin contamination visualization

Year: 2021 Role: development

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The researchers at Zhejiang University and Boeing collaborated to study the spread of contamination in an aircraft cabin during a flight. This research is helpful for understanding the risk of, and precautions against, transmission of diseases such as COVID-19.

I teamed up with Suta to develop an interactive visualization that displays the result of this study. We rendered a simplified view of the cabin, and visualized the contamination on each surfaces of every seat by color. Clicking on the timeline renders the data at that timestamp. Thus researchers can see how the contamination moves across the entire cabin over this flight, as well as infer the method of transmission by cross-referencing between contamination surface position and type, and the number of time passengers touched each surface.

In the visualization we can see how much the cabin locker and the bathroom, including their door curtain, gets contaminated and contributes to the spread of contamination. Remember to disinfect your hands!

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