About Me

Philomath, maker, and AI researcher. I enjoy falling down the rabbit holes, I learn best hands-on, and I obtain a great amount of joy from building things that explore an area’s concept or push their boundaries.


I grew up in Shanghai and moved to the U.S. when I was in highschool. During my undergrad studying New Media Interactive Development at RIT, I got to learn about FOSS and free culture movements through a unique program. After graduation, I worked at Helios Interactive (acquired by Freeman) in SF, building AR/VR installations, and loved going to Noisebridge hackerspace. I moved back to Shanghai in 2018 and worked as a freelancer out of Xinchejian, exploring multiple directions - software consulting, new media art, and teaching. After running into 80000hours, my attention shifted toward helping understand and reduce AI Risk. In 2023 I began my Master’s in Computer Science and AI at Oregon State University, and attended my first EA Global.

I’m part of Merveilles, a solarpunk community of creators who like longtermism, transhumanism, decentralization, civic empowerment, and dressing in all black.

I have Grapheme-color synesthesia, and “A” is red indeed.


Some ideas I hold on to.


  1. Be at peace with myself.
  2. Make the world a better place.

For more concrete goals and goal-seeking behaviors, see my now page.

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