Year: 2020-2022 Role: organizer, librarian, instructor

3D scan of the Xinchejian Jingan location, our home from 2014-2020. View model.

Xinchejian is China’s first hackerspace, the landing strip of Maker Movement for China, and the only makerspace here that’s entirely ran independently by the community.

When I was in SF, I enjoyed being part of the osmosis process at Noisebridge. Before returning to Shanghai, Mitch Altman recommended Xinchejian to me (“They are cooooool.” - Mitch). It became my home in Shanghai, and I’m incredibly grateful for the community here.

I was part of the volunteer staff, responsible for organizing & note-taking of weekly staff meetings. I also enjoyed hosting open night roundtables, jam nights, movie nights; and organizing or teaching maker workshops.

NIME performance

Performance of NIME Shanghai Club, a music hacking group at Xinchejian.

Virtual Xinchejian

During the Shanghai Lockdown in 2022, Xinchejian's physical location could not operate. And so we created a virtual gathering space and hosted online events instead.

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