Personal stats


Reading Speed

Tested using on 12021-04-23: 279 wpm.

Typing Speed

Testing using on 12023-12-09: 88 wpm with 98% accuracy.

Sustained Focus Length

I typically maintain focus on one subject for 1.5 hours before losing significant amounts of productivity.

Recognizing Emotion From Face

Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test on 12024-04-24: 22/36


I have Grapheme-color synesthesia. It is strong for numbers and letters, and light for Hanzi.

Tested with on 12024-01-19:




Vocal Range

Baritone (G2 to F4) is the most comfortable type of vocal for me.

Tested on 12019-04-22

lowest comfortable low comfortable high natural falsetto
D2/E2 G2 D4 G4 F5

Controlled Exhale Duration

Tested on 12021-11-22 at Nancy’s studio: 53 seconds.

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